National Board For Professional Teaching Standards® (NBPTs)

NBPTS is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan and nongovernmental organization. It was formed in 1987 to advance the quality of teaching and learning by developing professional standards for accomplished teaching, creating a voluntary system to certify teachers who meet those standards and integrating certified teachers into educational reform efforts.

In 1987, NBPTS made a promise to the nation's teachers and citizens to raise the standard for quality teaching in America. With almost twenty years of work developing accomplished teaching standards, creating a certification system and systematically researching the validity of its work, NBPTS has accomplished much of its commitment. America's schools are now seeing clear and sustained evidence of the impact of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) on student achievement. Today, virtually every state and more than 25 percent of all school districts offer financial rewards or incentives for teachers seeking National Board Certification. The number of NBCTs has now grown to more than 55,000. NBPTS continues to build upon its ground-breaking work by developing new means of encouraging widespread adoption of accomplished teaching standards and by supporting the expanded use of NBCTs in leadership roles in education.

Visit the NBPTS website at to read more about the NBPTS mission, available certificate programs, and eligibility requirements.

NBPTS Take One! ®

Take One! is available to all teachers as well as induction or pre-service teachers, principals, administrators, professors in colleges of education and those who provide support for National Board Certification candidates. Take One! is classroom-based professional development and requires that educators have access to a preK-12 classroom to complete the portfolio entry.

Take One! improves teaching quality by providing teachers with the opportunity to reflect on their own classroom instructional practices within the context of national teaching standards. Take One! allows all teachers to "sample" National Board Certification—not only to improve their teaching practices within their classrooms and schools, but also to begin the path toward National Board candidacy, if they so choose.

Eligibility for Stipend Incentive

NBPTS program completers who receive their NBPTS certification in November/December become eligible for the stipend July 1st and receive the first payment in February or March of the next year. For example, if an individual receives the NBPTS certification in December 2011, he/she will then become eligible for the stipend July 1, 2012, and will receive the first payment in February or March of 2013 and will continue to receive this stipend at the same time each year for five (5) years, as long the individual continues to teach in one of Idaho's public school districts. It is the individual's responsibility to notify the State Department of Education when changing districts or if changing to an assignment that is eligible for the stipend. Only individuals who have a teacher contract are eligible to receive the $2,000 stipend. For example, if the nationally board certified teacher goes into an administrative position, he/she is no longer eligible to receive the stipend and it is the individuals responsibility to notify the State Department of Education if they enter back into the classroom to ensure allocation of the funds.

The first step in the stipend payment process is to take the NBPTS certificate to a notary public. The individual should then request the notary make a copy of the certificate and notarize it as a true and exact copy of the original. Send this notarized copy to:

State Department of Education
ATTN: Cina Lackey
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0027

The notarized copy will be placed in the individual's certification file and will serve as verification of eligibility to receive the stipend. The funds for stipends will be sent directly to school districts and/or charter schools and will be disbursed through their payroll process.