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Idaho Technology Pilot Grant

The 2014 Idaho Legislature has appropriated $3 million to be made available to schools in multiple districts across Idaho for periods of up to two years in duration for technology pilot projects designed to improve student academic growth as well as financial efficiencies through a full integration technology model. It is the intent of this grant to focus on technology implementation at a single school building that will be scalable to other schools and sustainable statewide after the technology pilot period. In many situations across Idaho, the state recognizes that school buildings are severely lacking in technology that can enhance and maximize learning opportunities for students and changing instructional practices for educators. In the 21st Century, every student and teacher in every school in Idaho should have access to the necessary technology, tools, and knowledge to create a next generation learning environment.

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Idaho iPad Pilot

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CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation's Teachers and Technology Grant Program

The CenturyLink Foundation for Education Grant is awarded to Idaho K-12 public, private, and charter school classroom educators who demonstrate innovative uses of technology in the classroom. The purposes of this grant are to:

  • Recognize Idaho K-12 public school teachers who are using technology in innovative ways in the classroom to improve student performance.
  • Increase the use of technology in the classroom by sharing proven methods of how teachers are using technology to improve student performance.
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2012-2013 Enhancing Education Through Technology

EETT is a federal technology grant program funded under Title II-D. The primary purpose is to increase student achievement through the effective integration of technology into curricula and instruction. The purpose of this grant, therefore, is to:

  • Improve student academic achievement, including the technology literacy of all students.
  • Improve the capacity of teachers to integrate technology effectively into curricula and instruction.
  • Increase the ability of teachers to teach.

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The Education and Research Transfer Program allows schools within the state of Idaho to apply for computer and non-computer surplus equipment from the Idaho National Laboratory. The surplus equipment is free for the schools, but the school is responsible for either picking up the equipment or paying for shipping.

Computer Equipment - To apply for computer equipment the school must submit a proposal to the SDE. Proposals are accepted any time and are processed and sent to INL at the end of the month. Sandi Jones of INL will contact the school to arrange pick-up or shipping. Generally there is a three to four month wait for computers.

Non-Computer Equipment - Applicatons for non-computer equipment are accepted on-line on a monthly basis as the new property program list becomes available, generally the first Wednesday of the month. See the Education and Research Transfer Program home page for a list of available equipment.

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