Monitoring Reviews - Introduction

  • Compliance - It's the Law
    Monitoring federal programs helps ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. Compliance monitoring is intended to be a collaborative partnership between the State and local education agencies (LEAs) to ensure compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001.
  • Technical Assistance - We're here to help
    State monitoring team members provide technical assistance during the review visit and beyond. It is not the State's intent to tell the LEA HOW to run its title programs, but rather to answer questions, facilitate dialogue, and exchange ideas and information for program improvement while, at the same time, meeting all federal requirements.
  • Building Relationships - We're in this together
    Superintendent Ybarra's main objective is to raise student achievement for Idaho's school children. Through cooperative assessment of the federal programs, between the State and the LEAs, the quality of services to students will be strengthened and improved.

Program Monitoring

Monitoring Training
Powerpoint Icon ESEA Federal Program Monitoring
Monitoring Schedule
PDF Icon 2015-2016 List of Districts To Be Monitored
Monitoring Tools
ESEA Federal Program Monitoring Upload Tool
PDF Icon Monitoring Upload Tool (MUT) Instructions
Word Icon 2015-2016 Federal Programs Monitoring Tool
PDF Icon IDE Federal Program Monitoring Process Flow Chart
Interview Questions

Title IA, Basic Program

Word Icon Principal Interview Questions
Word Icon Program Level Teacher Interview Questions
Word Icon Parapro Interview Questions
Word Icon Parent Interview Questions
Word Icon Instructional Coach Interview questions

Title I-C & Title III

PDF Icon Title I-C & Title III/LEP Interview Questions
PDF Icon Title III/LEP Observation Tool
Technical Assistance

Sample Forms & Documents

Word Icon Parent Title I Program Survey SAMPLE
Word Icon Inventory Guidelines
PDF Icon Personnel Activity Report-Sample
PDF Icon Semi-Annual Blanket Certification - Sample 1
PDF Icon Semi-Annual Certification-Sample 2
Word Icon Positive Time Reporting Policy Sample
Excel Icon Staff Breakdown Budgeted Sample
Word Icon Sample Parent Notification for Teacher Qualifications
Word Icon Non-HQT Sample Letter
Word Icon Individual Teacher Plan for HQT
Word Icon Principal Attestation Sample
PDF Icon Non Regulatory Guidance - Title I Fiscal Issues
Excel Icon Professional Development Matrix-Sample 1
PDF Icon Military Recruiter Policy SAMPLE
Word Icon Sample Targeted List Template
Word Icon Teacher Experience by School Form


Word Icon Compact Checklist
Word Icon LEA Parent Invovlement Policy Checklist
Word Icon Parent Notification of SES Checklist
Word Icon School Parent Involvement Plan Checklist
Technical Assistance Title I-C

Indicator 1.B.11

Word Icon Progress Towards MPOs Document

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