School Transportation

The Student Transportation Division is responsible for administering the Idaho Student Transportation Program and reimbursing school districts and charter schools for the allowable transportation costs to transport their students. Idaho school districts and charter schools employ over 2,600 school bus drivers, 150 school bus technicians, and 2,700 school buses to transport more than 100,000 students to and from school and school related activities over 28,000,000 miles annually.

What's New in School Transportation
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Bus Driver Training - Student Management Video Link
Bus Driver Training - Difficult People Video Link
PDF Icon Parent Resource: Answers to Common Questions in Student Transportation
FMCSA National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners Link
Basic Bus
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Videos in the Training Library:
  • Loading Zones: A Split Second Around Your School Bus
  • Safety Awareness for School Bus Drivers
  • Safety Techniques for Special Needs Bus Drivers
  • Driver's Guide to School Bu Crossing
  • How To Safely Evacuate a School bus
  • Controlling New Age Bullying in Schools

Note: These videos are only available on DVD and each one comes with a reference guide, test and certificate CD.

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