Accounting Staff

Louie Konkol
Chief Financial Officer
(208) 332-6874

Responsible for Audits, Legislative (Finance Related) and General Question or Concerns.

Carie Ernst
Financial Mgmt Analyst, Sr.
(208) 332-6870

Responsible for SDE Budget and SDE Indirect Cost Recovery.

Aaron McCoy
Financial Specialist, Sr.
(208) 332-6858

Responsible for Federal Draws, Federal Financial Reports (FFRs/SF-425 Reports), and School Lunch FICA Match Reports.

Katie Goicoechea
Financial Specialist
(208) 332-6871

Responsible for Grant Reimbursement Application (GRA).

Andrea Capdeville
Financial Specialist
(208) 332-6867

Responsible for Accounts Payable, Surplus Equipment, and Warrants.

Note: For questions regarding a specific grant, please contact the appropriate grant coordinator.