Idaho’s accountability system includes satisfaction and engagement surveys administered to students, staff members, and parents. These surveys are an important measure of school quality.

Each year, all public schools in Idaho must administer these surveys to students in grades 3-12, school staff members, and the parents of the students they serve. Idaho currently administers these surveys via Cognia’s delivery platform.

2023 Survey Rosters Ready for Review

Review and revise your survey roster, and prepare to administer the survey. Survey administration window: February 15 - March 31, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

District Administrators and Accountability Coordinators

Teachers, Staff, and Other Stakeholders

The survey administration window will be open from February 18 through March 31, 2020.

The SDE is determined to provide schools and districts with information that supports improved teaching and learning. The Cognia Student Engagement Survey collects direct feedback from students regarding their learning experiences and the results help leaders and teachers understand what students need for their success. The SDE also uses the student engagement survey in school accountability by reporting the results for all schools on and using the measure as a 'School Quality and Success Indicator’ for K-8 schools. Learn more about how Idaho calculates and reports student engagement for accountability.

All students in grades 3-12 who were actively enrolled in an Idaho school during the survey window should participate in the survey administration.

The survey is administered online to students statewide. Each student will enter his/her unique login credentials to access the survey that was developed for his/her grade level. Idaho district coordinators will provide school coordinators the unique login credentials for each rostered student.

There are 20 survey questions for students to answer. Students will not be asked any questions related to their gender, race or religion.

The survey items are categorized under the three domains of A: engagement types (behavior, cognitive and emotional). These domains are then broken down further by three components of engagement quality – committed, compliant and disengaged.

Yes, the surveys are research-based with analysis to affirm validity and reliability of results. Subject-matter experts developed the questions and piloted the survey across several states with over 20,000 students participating. Get more information on the student engagement survey.

Yes, all students receive a unique identifier used for no purpose other than this survey administration. Survey results are not reported at an individual student level.

The data will be used to measure student engagement across schools and districts. These data will help inform professional development and continuous improvement at the school level. In addition, statewide data will be reported by the Idaho State Department of Education as an indicator of school quality as part of the state’s accountability system under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).