Educator Effectiveness

Educator Effectiveness promotes high quality principals, teachers, and effective instruction in Idaho’s PreK-12 schools to ensure that all students in the state are provided an excellent and equitable education. Educator Effectiveness provides guidance to school districts on implementing evaluation legislation and locally developed annual evaluations based on multiple measures, including student performance. Educator Effectiveness works to ensure that superintendents, principals, and teachers have the opportunity to attend high quality, relevant, and effective professional development trainings.

Idaho's effective teachers have the knowledge, skill, and commitment to create fair learning opportunities and growth for all students. They are dedicated to closing achievement gaps and preparing students for postsecondary success. These teachers are masters of their content and have the skills needed to create strategies that help students achieve academic success which enables them to be lifelong learners. (Adapted from the State of Colorado's definition of an Effective Teacher.)
The Charlotte Danielson Framework for teaching is the minimum standard for teacher evaluation adopted by Idaho public schools.

If you have questions about Effective Teachers, contact Teresa Burgess, Title II-A Coordinator.

Idaho’s effective principals know they have an important role in helping both students and staff learn, grow, and achieve success. They focus on communication and collaboration to monitor student progress to help their schools improve. Effective principals use resources, create a vision, and share their values to lead their schools and obtain high student achievement.  (Adapted from the State of Colorado's definition of Effective Principals.)

The Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards are the minimum standards for principal evaluations adopted by Idaho. Administrators must also be proficient in conducting teacher evaluations using the Charlotte Danielson Framework.

Career Ladder Data Submission Application

This application provides the ability for LEAs to submit and certify career ladder data, such as staff evaluation results for principals, pupil service staff members, and instructional staff. Excel documents which outline all the data elements that need to be gathered and submitted can be found in the Resource Files below in Career Ladder Data Submission.


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