Spring 2015 – ISAT Science, ISAT Retest and EOC Administration

The following information will provide you with details on the Spring 2015 Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) for Retest and Science and the End-of-Course Science (EOC) administrations. This information should be shared with all district and school personnel involved with the ISAT Retest, ISAT Science, and EOC Science administrations.

Parent Brochures

Raw Score Conversion Table - Preliminary

Please find he Preliminary Conversion Table for Spring 2015 (ISAT Science and Retakes). The table will assist you in matching your studentsí raw scores with their performance levels, which are provided in Test Set-Up and Reporting (eDirect Portal).

For EOC Science, cut scores will be determined in June then submitted to the State Board of Education for final approval. Therefore, EOC Science reports are scheduled to be posted on Test Set-Up and Reporting (eDirect Portal) by September 4th.


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EOC Released Items
Reactivations and Invalidation Requests

Districts will no longer be submitting reactivations and/or Invalidations via electronic mail per Idaho’s Student Data Privacy Law. SDE will only accept reactivation and invalidation submissions through a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) on this link https://sftp.sde.idaho.gov/login.html. You may use the Reactivation and Invalidation forms when submitting your request(s) through the sftp portal. Requests will be granted approval/denial within 24 business hours.

Please contact Cathy Salas 332-6909 or Mark Hill at 332-6972 to get your SFTP account set up right away.

Glossary of Terms
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