Spring 2015 – ISAT Retest, ISAT Science and EOC Administration

The following information will provide you with details on the Spring 2015 Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) for Retest and Science and the End-of-Course Science (EOC) administrations. This information should be shared with all district and school personnel involved with the ISAT Retest, ISAT Science, and EOC Science administrations.

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EOCs and Science ISATs

Assessment 2014-2015 Testing Dates/Windows Other Notes
EOC March 30 – May 22, 2015 (dates are tentative and subject to change) Science EOC's, biology or chemistry, is required in one high school grade 10-12.
ISAT – Science March 30 – May 22, 2015 (dates are tentative and subject to change) Required for Grades 5 and 7 (Science EOC's, biology or chemistry, is required in one high school grade 10-12.)
ISAT-ALT Science October 15, 2014 – February 28, 2015 IPASS Closing February 28, 2015 at midnight (12:00 am MST.)
May 2015 EOCs in biology and chemistry replace the 10th grade Science ISAT
Reactivations and Invalidation Requests

Districts will no longer be submitting reactivations and/or Invalidations via electronic mail per Idaho’s Student Data Privacy Law. SDE will only accept reactivation and invalidation submissions through a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) on this link https://sftp.sde.idaho.gov/login.html. You may use the Reactivation and Invalidation forms when submitting your request(s) through the sftp portal. Requests will be granted approval/denial within 24 business hours.

Please contact Cathy Salas 332-6972 or Mark Hill at 332-6972 to get your SFTP account set up right away.

Glossary of Terms
Chemistry EOC Tools

Creating Standards-Based Science Assessments Using SchoolNet.ng> Log into SchoolNet and select the Assessment Admin tab. Click Create and select Express Test or Manual Test. Select Preferred Standards Document to be EOC Biology or EOC Chemistry. Currently Biology has over 800 items items aligned to bio standards and chemistry has nearly 400 items aligned to chemistry standards. Item types are not only MC, short answer and passages. There are also Physical Science and Earth Science Standards available.

Coming soon: Biology and Chemistry EOC Glossaries. These have been created and approved by Idaho biology and chemistry teachers and will contain terms which could be on the upcoming assessment.

Common Questions Related to Science Assessments:

Will Science Assessments become a graduation requirement? There is discussion that would require students to take and pass at least one science assessment to graduate. There has been discussion that it may occur for the class of 2017, 2018 or 2019, but no decision has yet been made by the State Board of Education.

What about creating a science assessment similar to the SBAC assessments? The current versions of the EOCs are multiple-choice. We are transitioning from one 10th Science ISAT to TWO EOCs (biology and chemistry) which has an associated cost. It is possible that future assessment will become more SBAC-like, but for now, the state-funded EOCs will be multiple-choice.

Will students receive scores from the field test? No. The field test will allow us to collect the most accurate data to create fair and valid operation tests for 2015. In addition, the field test data will be used to set cut scores for the operational assessments. The EOCs are also running on a new platform, INSIGHT. Students and proctors will have the opportunity to interact with the new software and experience the new features of the system.

Do students still need to take the 10th grade Science ISAT? As of September 2013, yes, the 10th grade Science ISAT is still required and students will receive a score. Participation in the EOC field tests is optional.

What about adding physical science/earth science? These discussions are on-going. Additional funding will be required to add additional assessments.

What about Next Generation of Science Standards adoption? Idaho is well aware of the NGSS and continues to be involved in numerous aspects of review. We are also carefully watching other states who have adopted these standards. Our next Science Standards Review and potential adoption is scheduled for 2015. Scott Smith, Idaho's STEM Coordinator, is planning to set up a team to compare Idaho's current science standards with NGSS as part of the 2015 standards evaluation process. However, the State Board of Education has advised science teachers to "Please continue to use the current Idaho science standards. The Idaho science standards will not be changing in the immediate future due to the factors of drafting, State Board rule writing, Legislative readings, approval of rules, and the alignment of assessment to standards."