Idaho's Common Core State Standards [CCSS] Implementation Plan: Completing the Circle

At its heart, the intent of the CCSS is to help students become problem solvers, critical thinkers, creators, and innovators, rather than memorizers and repeaters. In order for the Common Core State Standards to truly facilitate the dynamic instructional change to make this paradigm shift to deeper learning opportunities for all students a reality, all elements of the educational system must be seamlessly connected and mutually self-supporting. Therefore, Idaho's implementation of Common Core standards will integrate K-12 and Higher Education expectations for student success. With this unified system in place, we will send students to post-secondary education and on to careers who are better prepared to succeed. In turn, Higher Education will send to K-12 districts teachers and administrators steeped in the common core and ready to contribute to the perpetuation of CCSS instruction from day one. The synergy of this unified system relies on mutually supporting components, the structure of which is strengthened by common expectations and definitions of success. The end result will be many more students excelling in the workplace or graduating from post secondary education institutions.