Spring 2013 CCSS Math Workshops

The goal of the Spring 2013 Common Core Math Workshops is to provide teachers and instructional coaches targeted assistance in their transition to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M).

The trainings will be conducted through the instructional framework provided in the MTI course focusing on Building Students' Mathematical Understanding.

The Grade-Band Content Workshops will provide teachers and instructional coaches with assistance in examining both the content and practice standards in the Common Core with a focus on important mathematics structural components, student thinking, and learning progressions.

The SDE is partnering with the Boise State Center for School Improvement & Policy Studies, and Think Through Math

Register for your region and grade level below:
Region III REGISTER HERE » 6-8 May 1, Boise

REGISTER HERE » 3-5 May 2, Boise

REGISTER HERE » K-2 May 8, Boise