Overview of Idaho's K-12 Public Education System

The Idaho State Department of Education is responsible for managing K-12 public education in the State of Idaho. The Idaho State Board of Education oversees higher education.

In Idaho:

  we have
public school districts
 there are
public charter schools
 more than
   attend Idaho's K-12
       public schools

Academically, Idaho's K-12 students perform well compared to their peers across the country. The most recent results from the Nation's Report Card show Idaho's 8th graders are above the national average in reading. Idaho's 4th and 8th graders are on par with their counterparts across the country in mathematics.

Idaho also has a high graduation rate with approximately 90 percent of Idaho students graduating from high school.

While Idaho students have done well in K-12 grades, they struggle after they graduate from high school. Only about 46 percent of Idaho students who graduate from high school choose to go on to pursue education after high school. Of those, nearly half need to take remedial courses once they get to an institution of higher education.

For these reasons, we know that about 40 percent of Idaho students choose not to go back for a second year of postsecondary education. As a result, only about 39 percent of Idahoans who are 25-34 years old have a one-year postsecondary degree or certification. This is a startling statistic when we know that about 60 percent of the careers today and even more in the future require some form of postsecondary education.

The Idaho State Department of Education has set its own internal goals to work toward improving education for every child. In addition, we are working with every educational stakeholder to implement the recommendations from the Task Force for Improving Education.