21st Century Classroom Recognition Awards and Virtual Art Gallery Best Practices in Visual Arts

Schoolnet 21st Century Classroom Lesson Plan

(Images above courtesy of Sargent Art for a Brighter World Online Contest: Idaho 2012 winners)

Do you have a terrific art lesson and student art work that you would like to share with colleagues and the community on Idaho’s new Virtual Art Gallery! Would you like to receive from $300 in art materials for your class? Then enter your lesson and digital photos of student work in the first ever Recognition Awards for Best Practices in Visual Arts!

Awards will be made monthly until funds are expended beginning on Digital learning Day February 6th

Deadlines  – Awards will be announced beginning with Digital Learning Day on February 6th and continuing monthly on the first of each month until funds are expended.
February 15, 2013
March 15th 2013
April 15th 2013
May 15th 2013
June 15th 2013

  1. Select your best ever art lesson, accompanied with one or more digital photos of student exemplars
  2. Create and Submit your lesson using the SDE 21st Century Classroom adopted lesson plan template found on Schoolnet: https://isee.sde.idaho.gov
  3. Use attached guides; Creating a Lesson and Creating a Resource for creating lessons, registering for ISEE, and submitting lessons into Schoolnet
  4. Scan a photograph of any product, 2D or 3D and upload digital photograph(s) submit as a resource along with your lesson using the Creating a Resource guide (You may include more than one sample of student work, but students will share the $50 award for art supplies)
  5. Submit photos in any digital format available to you
  6. Lessons that integrate the Common Core are a priority
  7. Lessons that incorporate Discovery resources are a priority (See Back to School Toolkit for screencast on p. 5 on how to access Discovery videos and other fabulous resources!)
  8. Each lesson will enjoy a courtesy review for possible edits
  9. Up to 25 awards of $300 for classroom materials and $50 for a select student will be made in the 2012-13 school year—submit multiple lessons if you wish
  10. Award money will be sent to your district office for distribution: $300 per selected lesson to teachers for art supplies
  11. Important! - Teachers send an email notification to pjwenner@sde.idaho.gov when lesson plan and photos have been uploaded into Schoolnet
  1. Student work selected from each teacher's plan will be displayed on the SDE digital gallery and student(s) will be given $50.00 for art supplies (money distributed to local school districts) Multiple students will share supplies
  2. Students with exemplars of selected lessons will receive certificates of recognition and digital exhibition
  3. Best of Show Student Digital Arts Exhibition at the SDE
  4. For Information Contact: Dr. Peggy Wenner at pjwenner@sde.idaho.gov

First Award in Celebration of Digital Learning Day February 6, 2013 (and monthly until funds are expended)

Award Funds for Classroom Materials - The SDE is prohibited from awarding cash or gift cards so awards will be distributed as funds for classroom materials. The distribution of the award will go to the school district. Teachers are free to purchase any classroom supplies up to the amount of the award. There are no restrictions on the types of materials or classroom supplies purchased by the classroom teacher. Art teachers will be permitted to purchase and disseminate $50 worth of materials for one student (or shared amongst multiple students) in addition to the $300 lesson award for classroom materials award.

To submit your own lesson plans for approval into the state database and sharing statewide either use the template found below or search Schoolnet for the 21st Century Classroom Lesson Plan Template then save to your MY MATERIALS folder. Use the template and the directions found in the documents entitled Creating a Lesson Plan and Creating and Attaching a Resource to submit your completed template for sharing statewide in Schoolnet!ss the materials and directions you need to submit a lesson click here.

Peggy Wenner
Humanities & Fine Arts Coordinator
(208) 332-6949