21st Century Best Practices Recognition Award – Schoolnet Lesson/Unit Planning

Are you a classroom teacher in grades K-12 with a great lesson you would like to share with educators statewide? Awards range from $200 for single educator to $1,000 for team of 2-4!

In celebration of Digital Learning Day in Idaho and throughout the remainder of the 2012-2013 school year (until funds are expended), Idaho Educators will be eligible to receive one of two types of recognition awards for exemplary 21st Century Classroom Lesson/Unit Plans submitted into Schoolnet.

  1. Lesson Plan Best Practice Award = $300 for exemplary lesson plans submitted by an individual educator
  2. Unit Plan Best Practice Award = $1,200 for teams of two or more educators collaborating to create and submit a Unit plan of 4-5 lessons (The award will be shared amongst the team).

Note: Awards will begin on Digital Learning Day February 6, 2013 and continue on a monthly basis until funds are expended


Who is Eligible? - K-12 Teachers Employed by Idaho Public and Charter Schools in All Content Areas (including Special Educators)

  1. Discovery Education Content - all lesson/unit plans submitted must include Discovery Education Content available free of charge to every school, educator and student in the state thanks to the J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Foundation. For directions on how to search for Discovery content please access the video found on p. 5 of the Back to School Toolkit.
  2. Common Core State Standards Alignment - all lesson/unit plans submitted must include alignment to the CCSS in either ELA or Mathematics (Please consider ELA CCSS can be applied across ALL content areas so lessons are NOT restricted to ELA or Mathematics)
  3. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) - all lesson/unit plans submitted must include differentiation techniques and tools which allow ALL students to participate including those with disabilities or English Language Learners. For more information on UDL please access the information found on the CAST website at http://cast.org An introductory video on UDL can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDvKnY0g6e4&noredirect=1
  4. Submission into Schoolnet - all lesson plans must use the 21st Century Classroom Lesson Plan Template found in word with at the bottom of the page and also found online within Schoolnet by following these steps;
    • Log into ISEE/SN
    • Click on Classrooms
    • Click on Instructional Materials
    • Enter 21st Century Lesson Plan Template into the window beside the SEARCH tab
    • Click on SEARCH
    • The template will appear in the middle of the screen.
    • Save the template to MY MATERIALS
    • Click on MY MATERIALS
    • Open the template
    • Begin to enter your lesson plan data

Note: you can work offline creating the lesson in word and just copy paste into the window if you prefer but it is easier to just create the lesson online as the grade, content, CCSS, Blooms etc. are available in a drop down menus in the online version.

Use the Creating a Lesson Quick Guide - to learn how to submit a lesson plan into Schoolnet. (See attached)

Use the Creating a Resource Quick Guide - to learn how to submit any materials used during the lesson or any digital photographs of student work for the art lesson submission. (See attached)

Important Final Notification Step – After you have submitted your lesson plan email Carol Scholz Digital Content Coordinator at cscholz@sde.idaho.gov with the following info;

  • Your Name
  • Title of the Lesson submitted into Schoolnet
    (if you do not email this information it will not be reviewed.)

First Award in Celebration of Digital Learning Day February 6, 2013 (and monthly until funds are expended)

Deadlines are the 15th of Every Month – Awards will be announced beginning with Digital Learning Day on February 6th and continuing monthly on the first of each month until funds are expended.
January 31, 2013
February 15, 2013
March 15th 2013
April 15th 2013

Award Funds for Classroom Materials - The SDE is prohibited from awarding cash or gift cards so awards will be distributed as funds for classroom materials. The distribution of the award will go to the school district. Teachers are free to purchase any classroom supplies up to the amount of the award. There are no restrictions on the types of materials or classroom supplies purchased by the classroom teacher.