Professional Development Opportunities


Idaho Driver Education Teacher Licensing Course

Start Dates: January 15th, April 12th, July 13th and October 12th
Cost: $440
Duration: 12 weeks
Classroom: On-line
Credits: 4
Call NNU at 467-8439 to register!

EDDR53701 - Idaho Driver Education Teacher Licensing

Continuing Professional Development: 8 hours required every year

The Idaho State Department of Education will provide yearly workshops for continuing education.

Idaho Public Driver Education instructors are required by state law to complete eight (8) hours of relevant professional development training every year. Professional development hours will be accepted if for the purpose of enhancing instructional knowledge and skills in support of teaching best practices related to drive education. Five regional workshops each year are provided for instructors to obtain/maintain these hours. Every three years a two (2) day state conference will be conducted.

Alternative Options for Professional Development

Several Universities offer on-line continuing education for Driver Education instructors:

Traffic Schools and Defensive Driving Classes

Visit your local traffic court office to obtain classes in your area.

Driver Education Conferences