Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

The school year is winding down, and the summer professional development offerings are ramping up! Below is a listing of trainings being hosted or facilitated by the State Department of Education. They range from digital learning to technology to the Idaho Core standards. Take a look, and don't miss your chance to sign up for one of these excellent opportunities!

Denapalooza- Saturday, May 11, 2013

Denapalooza is a live and virtual event hosted by Discovery Learning and centered on digital learning. Idaho is the third stop on a North American tour. Free professional development credit is being offered to attendees, but registration is limited, so sign up early!

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Idaho Summer Institute of Next Practices - July & August 2013

The Summer Institute of Next Practices is back again this year with all the quality presenters you've come to expect in the past. Spend two days in a locale near you learning about the possibilities iPads bring into the classroom, teaching with passion, differentiated instruction, transitioning to the Idaho Core, project based learning with digital tools, and more!

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Argument in the Idaho Core - July & August 2013

This three-day workshop will address the differences between the three text types (argument, informative/explanatory, and narrative) presented in the Idaho Core Standards and focus on creating unit plans, lesson plans, and performance tasks to address argument texts in the Idaho Core Standards. For a list of dates, locations, registration, and other upcoming Idaho Core Standards professional development opportunities, please visit the link below.

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