Updates to Schoolnet, Idaho's Instructional Management System

Periodically, Idaho's Instructional Management System, known as Schoolnet, is updated to include bug fixes and software enhancements based on feedback from the State Department of Education and educators across the state. On May 3, Schoolnet was updated from version 14.3 to version 14.4, which included the ability to create new materials within the Classrooms Module, create and manage assignments within the Classroom Module, and take assessments using an iPad.

To view the enhancements of Schoolnet version 14.4 in more detail, login to Schoolnet through the ISEE Portal and click on 'See What's New in Schoolnet' on the My Schoolnet Homepage. For Schoolnet support, please email schoolnetsupport@sde.idaho.gov or call 1-877-873-1551. If you would like to learn more about what Schoolnet could provide for your school district, click on the 'Schoolnet Training Materials' link located on the My Schoolnet Homepage. Housed within the Power Source website, these training materials provide step-by-step instructions through all of the Schoolnet modules to help support educators.