Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium emphasizes a balanced assessment system. The SBAC system components will include a summative assessment, optional interim assessments, and formative assessment practices and strategies that will be included in a digital resource library. The SBAC website has extensive resources that further describe what is and will be available in the near future. The formative assessment master work plan details components that will be provided.

On October 9, 2012 SBAC released Sample Items and Performance Tasks. These illustrate the rigor and complexity of the ELA/Literacy and Mathematics items and tasks that will be encountered on the Consortium’s next generation assessments.

For more information please visit Common Assessment.

Formative Assessment Resources & Activities are made possible by a grant from the Joseph & Kathryn Albertson Foundation, and are part of the ISEE Implementation. * ISEE Phase II Grant Sites are given priority for some professional development offerings.