Online Registration Form Idaho Summer Institute of Best Practices

  • July 26 & 27 - Rocky Mountain Middle School, Ammon Idaho
  • July 28 & 29 - Wendell High School, Wendell, Idaho
  • August 2 & 3 - River City, Post Falls, Idaho
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The two day cost of the institute is $100, which will cover the two days of professional development, lunch, and snacks. The one day cost of the institute is $65.

One credit (must attend both days) will be available through U of I and NNU. Sign up and pay on site the 1st day

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(Mail to Katie Cutler; 3377 S. 2000 E.; Wendell, ID 83355)

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State Department of Education
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All payments need to be made to the "State Department of Education"

Strands that will be presented include:
  • Standard Based Assessment: Linking Quality Assessment and Grading (IF, W, PF)
  • STEM - What is it? How do you teach it? (IF, W)
  • The Standards Game: We Teach Them, But Do We Really Understand Them? (IF, W)
  • Second Language Acquisition - How Knowing the Stages Will Help You Serve Your Students (IF, W)
  • Don't Blame Me! The Teacher Started It (IF, W, PF)
  • Tips for Improving Special Education Inclusion Classes in Your School (IF, W, PF)
  • Tier II Interventions for Students with Challenging Behaviors (IF, W)
  • Response to Intervention (IF, W, PF)
  • Differentiated Instruction (IF, W)
  • Connecting the Dots: Understanding and Using the Teaching Tools and School Wide Projects That Work (IF, W, PF)
  • Effective Instructional Strategies Make the Difference with the State Language and Reading Content Standards (PF)
  • Using Technology in the Classroom (IF, W, PF)
  • Super Sized - Teaching Strategies That Work (IF, PF)
  • Apangea (PF)

IF = Idaho Falls
W = Wendell
PF = Post Falls


Contact Katie Cutler at 208-324-3396 ext 2805, until May 31st, after May 31st 208-536-6193 or Email at

Rob Sauer, Deputy Superintendent, Division of Innovation & Choice -

Lori Howard, Administrative Assistant, Division of Innovation & Choice -