Docket No. 08-0201-1301 - Collective Bargaining and Negotiations

In 2011, the State Board of Education approved and the Idaho Legislature subsequently passed, a rule (Docket 08-0201-1101) clarifying aspects of collective bargaining and negotiations found in the Students Come First laws. On November 6, 2012, Idaho voters repealed the Students Come First laws.

This rule change would return this section of Idaho Administrative Code to the language that appeared prior to Docket 08-0201-1101’s passage and prior to the Students Come First laws.




01. Open Meeting. For the purposes of Section 33-1273A, Idaho Code, all open meeting negotiations shall adhere to Sections 67-2340 through 67-2344 and 67-2346 through 67-2347, Idaho Code, including posting notices and agendas. In addition, notices and agendas shall be posted on the main page of the school district’s website. (3-29-12)

02. Collective Bargaining Limited to Compensation and Benefits. Items that may be included in master contracts or negotiated agreements shall be limited to the specific items defined under the terms "Compensation" and "Benefits" under Section 33-1272, Idaho Code. For the purposes of the definition of "Compensation" as stated in Section 33-1272, Idaho Code, the term “salary” means: (3-29-12)

a. Any monies provided through public funding that are paid to an employee pursuant to an employment contract, the form of which is approved by the Superintendent of Public Instruction pursuant to Section 33-513, Idaho Code; and (3-29-12)

b. The process by which the school district board of trustees will determine local student achievement share awards pursuant to Section 33-1004I, Idaho Code. (3-29-12)

c. The inclusion of any c. The inclusion of any other items in a master contract or negotiated agreement is hereby prohibited. Any items included in violation of this provision are hereby declared null, void and of no force or effect. (3-29-12)


1521. - 199. (RESERVED)