Gifted and Talented

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All students identified as gifted and talented in the State of Idaho have the right to an appropriate education that provides educational interventions which sustain challenge and ensure continued growth within the public school system.

"Each public school district is responsible for and shall provide for the special instructional needs of gifted/talented children enrolled therein. Public school districts in the state shall provide instruction and training for children between the ages of five (5) years and eighteen (18) years who are gifted/talented as defined in this chapter and by the State Board of Education. The State Board of Education shall, through its department of education, determine eligibility criteria and assist school districts in developing a variety of flexible approaches for instruction and training that may include administrative accommodations, curriculum modifications and special programs" (Idaho Code 33-2003).

"Gifted and talented children" mean those students who are identified as possessing demonstrated or potential abilities that give evidence of high performing capabilities in intellectual, creative, specific academic or leadership areas, or ability in the performing or visual arts and who require services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop such capabilities (Idaho Code 33-2001). PDF Icon View the Gifted and Talented Rules and Regulations here.

Talent Areas
  • Intellectual
  • Specific Academic
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Visual/Performing Arts