Home School
Homeschool education is directed solely by the parent/guardian:
  • No registration or sign up procedure is required.
  • Parents research and select the curriculum they wish to use.
  • A "packaged" curriculum is NOT provided by the State. (All costs associated with homeschooling are the responsibility of the parent/guardian (textbooks, supplies, etc.).
  • State funding is not available to provide assistance for homeschool.

This web page is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding homeschooling in Idaho. In our School Choice Packet, we have provided information for homeschooling as well as other options for parents such as online schools and alternative schools. School choice allows parents and families the freedom to choose the method of education that will work best for their children. It allows for meaningful decisions regarding how and where the children will receive their education, whether in the public system or not. It is based on the idea that all children do not learn the same way and may have different needs and interests that need to be developed.

To explore what your school choices are, please review the below School Choice Packet:

PDF Icon School Choice Packet
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