Idaho State Prevention Conference

"The 22nd Annual Idaho State Prevention & Support Conference is a gathering focused on innovation, best practices, collective problem-solving and motivation to most effectively address youth risk behaviors, foster optimal health and realize academic success for Idaho students."

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Keynote Speakers

Dr. James Garbarino

Creating and Sustaining Emotionally Safe Schools
Dr. James GarbarinoProfessionals and parents are paying increasing attention to the need for "anti-bullying programs" in American schools. Yet, the larger issue is creating and maintaining schools that are "emotionally safe." This commits the school to creating a social climate in which bullying, harassment, and emotional violence are inconsistent with the day-to-day norms of students, faculty, staff, and parents. This is made all the more challenging because of the "social toxicity" of contemporary American life. This presentation outlines an ecological perspective on child development and mental health, and shows how this way of looking at child and adolescent development leads to a focus on character education, structures of adult influence, and habits of peer group behavior. All this can improve the social climate both on site in the school and online in the virtual world of today's youth. The presentation includes case studies and strategies for improving emotional safety as a way of preventing violence.

Presenter: Dr. Garbarino is an author, psychologist and expert on violence and children. He earned his BA from St. Lawrence University and his PhD in human development and family studies from Cornell University. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Garbarino serves as a consultant to television, magazine and newspaper reports on children and families, and in 1981 received the Silver Award at the International Film and Television Festival of New York for co-writing Don't Get Stuck There: A Film on Adolescent Abuse. His latest book I Listen to Killers: Lessons Learned from 20 Years as a Psychological Expert Witness in Murder Cases is set to be released in 2015.

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