i-STEM Education Web Portal Submission Guidelines

The i-STEM website is designed to provide Idaho educators with STEM resources such as lesson plans, tools, and professional development opportunities to enhance their instructional practices and promote science, technology, engineering and math in grades K-12.

Guidelines for Submission

1. Information submitted must be related to the overall goal (see above).

2. Information submitted should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Upcoming Events and Opportunities
  • Curriculum (includes links to other sites)
    • K-3
    • 4-8
    • 9-12
  • Funding Opportunities (grants for teachers)
  • Professional Development (teacher workshops, etc.)
  • Best Practices (articles, etc.)
    • research based
    • anecdotal
  • Expert Connections ("Ask a Scientist", etc.)
  • Professional Organizations
  • Classroom Resources (classroom supplies, etc.)
  • Careers in STEM
  • Idaho STEM Pipeline

(includes STEM programming and additional resources in Idaho for K-12 students, undergraduate and graduate students, and community in general)

3. Submissions must be entered on the i-STEM Education website and should include the following information:

  1. Submission Type (see above)
  2. Title/Name of Submission
  3. Sponsoring Organization
  4. Description of Submission (small paragraph)
  5. Target Audience (K-12 students, teachers)
  6. Time, Date, and/or Duration of program (if applicable)
  7. Location of Program or Event (if applicable)
  8. Cost of Program (if applicable)
  9. Contact Person (must officially be associated w/program or event)
  10. URL Address
  11. Emailing New Materials

i-STEM Education Submission Form

Information Review

Upon submission of information, i-STEM Education website management will review information to determine if it is in compliance with i-STEM Education goals and objectives. Submissions meeting i-STEM goals and objectives will be posted within 2-3 business days.

For more information contact:

Anne Seifert, STEM Coordinator
Education Programs
Idaho National Laboratory
(208) 526-8027 Voice
(208) 521-4435 Cell