What is P.A.S.S.?

PASS ( Portable Assisted Study Sequence) is a nationally recognized program offering mobile secondary students an alternative means of earning full or partial course credits or building educational skills.

P.A.S.S. Rationale

Within PASS, a student works semi-independently with the assistance of a mentor/instructor who meets with the student on a regular basis. The curriculum consists of learner-centered materials developed specifically for PASS which include current teaching techniques to assist the learner. Students can undertake courses at their own pace.

Each semester course consists of five study units complete with unit tests; a student needing only partial credit for a semester course or seeking a way to gain specific skills can complete only the units necessary instead of an entire course.


The credibility of the PASS program is maintained at all levels of its development and use.

  • The curriculum is developed by education specialists and certified teachers who are experienced in their academic areas;
  • District staff determine the specific academic needs of the student and choose appropriate PASS courses based on those needs;
  • Student work is monitored and tests administered and evaluated by trained staff;
  • District awards credit for completed work.
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