A Parent's Guide to Promoting Early Literacy

1st Grade

1st Grade - What to do at home

Support What Your Child is Learning in School

Encourage Your Child to Spell and Write

Building Vocabulary, Knowledge of The World, and Comprehension With Your Child

What to Look For in 1St Grade Classrooms

What Children Should Be Able To Do By The End of 1St Grade

Books and Print

The Alphabet

Sounds in Spoken Language

Phonics and Word Recognition


Awareness Activities That You May See In First Grade Classrooms

PHONEME DELETION: Children recognize the word that remains when you take away a phoneme.
TEACHER: What is space without the /s/?
CHILDREN: space without the /s/ is pace.

PHONEME ADDITION: Children make a new word by adding a phoneme to the word
TEACHER: What word do you have if you add /p/ to the beginning of lace?

PHONEME SUBSTITUTION: Children substitute one phoneme for another to make a new word.
TEACHER: The word is rag. Change /g/ to /n/. What is the new word?

What Children Should Be Able To Do By The End Of 1St Grade

Spelling and Writing