A Parent's Guide to Promoting Early Literacy

2nd Grade

What Children Should Be Able To Do By The End Of 2nd Grade

Phonics and Word Recognition


Spelling and Writing


Vocabulary Instruction

Specific Word Instruction

Word Learning Strategies


Parent Talk

Read a line from a book, such as this line from Eric Carle’s Pancakes, Pancakes! “Take a sickle and cut as much wheat as the donkey can carry.” Then ask a question, such as “Look at the picture of Jack cutting the wheat. What is he doing? That’s right, it’s a sickle. A sickle is a tool for cutting wheat and other kinds of grain.”

2nd And 3rd Grade - What To Do At Home

Use Reading Opportunities to Help Your Child Develop Fluency

Find Opportunities for Your Child to Spell and Write

Find Opportunities to Help Your Child Develop Vocabulary, Knowledge of The World, and Comprehension

What To Look for in 2nd And 3rd Grade Classrooms