A Parent's Guide to Promoting Early Literacy


Kindergarten - What to do at Home

Talk often with your child

Show him/her how books and print work

Focus his/her attention on sounds of spoken language

Have your child identify and name the letters of the alphabet

Show the relationship between letters and sounds

Encourage your child to spell and write

Building vocabulary, knowledge of the world, and comprehension with your child

What children should be able to do by the end of Kindergarten

Books and Print

The Alphabet

Sounds in Spoken Language


Spelling and Writing

Parent Talk

“Why didn’t the dog just run away?”
“Where did the boy live?”
“What kind of eyes did the monster have?”
“How many words can you say that rhyme with fox? With bill?”
“The dog is big. BIG. Can you say the sounds in big? Now can you write the letters for the sounds? Good. Now read the word to me.”