Documentation and reporting is an essential component of any Emergency Operations Plan and should delineate the procedures to be used. It is imperative that reporting and accountability procedures be in place for a number of reasons.

  • Accurate recording and reporting of pre-planning and preparations reduces liability and allows stakeholders at all levels to anticipate problems and take measures to improve and correct deficiencies
  • Accurate reporting creates a network of accountability at every stage of emergency operations and management and in every area of responsibility
  • Accurate reporting ensures that appropriate actions were taken prior to, during and after a critical event
  • Accurate reporting ensures that preparatory measures such as drills are being implemented and practiced at the required intervals

Some sample forms are included in this guide, however we recommend that all aspects of your Emergency Operations Plan be recorded and documented from the development to the implementation to its actual use during a critical event.

Suggested Forms

PDF Icon Drill Schedule
PDF Icon ICS 204 - Debriefing
PDF Icon Situation Report