Damage Assessment & Facility Closure

Damage Assessment

Each school should plan to determine the extent of damage as quickly as possible after a damaging event has occurred. What resources will be needed to assess the extent of damage; are they on staff or will other agencies be needed to assist? The districts can provide additional resources to help conduct a damage assessment in a planned and efficient manner. Districts will need to maintain records for all damaged-related cost and continue to ensure the safety of personnel on the property until the event has concluded and business is operational as normal. Once a damage assessment is completed, decisions can then be made to determine if the school will need to relocate to an alternate site.

Incidents, which may cause this plan to be initiated, vary in scope and impact. Closing a facility is generally a last resort, but always a possibility. Identify the conditions that could necessitate a partial or full closure and define who has the responsibility for that decision. Determine procedures for, and consequences of, partial or full facility closure.

School districts should meet with both the Division of Building Safety and the Division of Public Works to prepare an MOU and preplan critical incident reponse.

Sample Damage Assessment and Facility Closure Form

PDF Icon Facility Damage Assessment Form