Assign Responsibilities

Plans should be written in terms of employee positions rather than in terms of a particular person.

Districts need to establish the roles, responsibilities and capabilities of their schools and team members. Define the duties of each element of the school with an assigned role in the EOP, and establish procedures for each position to follow during a damaging event. Determine lines of succession to ensure continuous leadership, authority, and responsibility in key positions. At a minimum, assign all personnel responsibility for:

  • Recognizing and reporting an emergency
  • Warning other employees in the area
  • Taking security and safety measures
  • Evacuating safely

The members and their alternates responsible for executing response and recovery in an incident need to be properly trained and identified in the EOP.

Sample Assignment Forms

PDF Icon Recovery Team Members
PDF Icon Employee Alert Notification List
PDF Icon Employee Skill List
PDF Icon External Company, Customer, Vendor Notification List
PDF Icon Emergency Volunteer Contact Form