Special Education Monitoring

Special Education Monitoring Division

There are a number of monitoring activities that the State and Districts must engage in as part of meeting the General Supervision Requirements outlined in IDEA 2004. The Idaho State Department of Education (IDSDE) has developed activities that meet the requirements for monitoring and data collection around the compliance and performance of the State Performance Plan Indicators, which are the IDEA 2004 Monitoring Priority Indicators. Idaho SDE has continued to look for ways to place an equal focus on both the compliance to the federal requirements and the growth in performance areas. We have also tried to be explicit in our expectations, attempting to shield the burden placed on districts, while continuing our efforts to help districts improve outcomes for student with disabilities. For more information regarding the Idaho Continuous Improvement Monitoring System (ID CIMS), please feel free to contact us at (208)332-6919 or visit the Idaho Training Clearinghouse ID CIMS Electronic Learning Community.

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