Grant Application Now Open for 1003(a) Funds

This year we have a combined application for the Idaho Building Capacity Project (IBC), Network of Innovative School Leaders (NISL), and Idaho Superintendents Network of Support (ISN). For those of you that wish to participate or continue in any of these projects for 2014-2015 school year, please see the simple instruction under "Application Instructions 2014-15" pdf document. All schools are eligible for these projects with preference given to those most in need as determined by the Star Rating System and available state and federal funds.

1003(a) School Improvement Funds

Flow-through 1003(a) school improvement funds could be available. If you are interested in applying for them, please carefully follow the instructions in the application itself. Only Title I schools in Continuous, Rapid, Turnaround, Focus, and Priority status are eligible for these flow-through funds. The rubric for scoring applications is also available along with the 1003a application 2014-15.

PDF Icon Application Instructions 2014-15(g)
Word Icon Idaho 1003a Application 2014-15
PDF Icon Idaho 1003a Scoring Guide 2014-15