Idaho Building Capacity

The Idaho Building Capacity (IBC) Project is a cornerstone of Idaho's Statewide System of Support for Idaho schools and districts that are in needs improvement status according to No Child Left Behind (NCLB). In 2007, the state determined that there was a need for increased support and technical assistance to Idaho schools and districts, especially in relation to those in school improvement, corrective action, or restructuring. At that time, additional federal grant funds were obtained to support the establishment of the IBC Project in Idaho. The pilot project (Cohort I) began in January 2008 and served 19 sites in two districts for a three year period. In the years since, a new cohort has been added each year, and the work has increased to include numerous districts and schools throughout every region of Idaho. The project provides scaffolded support designed to assist Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in building their own internal leadership capacity to implement and sustain school and district improvement efforts. A rigorous school and district selection process has been developed, with a goal to select schools and districts that are most in need of support, serve a high proportion of at-risk students, and have limited local resources to meet those needs. The project is sponsored and directed by the State Department of Education, but designed and delivered in partnership with regional school improvement centers at Boise State University, Idaho State University, and the University of Idaho.

Capacity Builders

A key component of the IBC project is the utilization of recently retired, highly distinguished educators who are trained by the state to assist school and district leaders as they facilitate the work of improvement in Idaho's schools and districts. Capacity Builders (CBs) are assigned to all participating schools and districts within the IBC network. When a school joins the project, the district receives the services of a CB as well in order to promote alignment within the system. CBs coach leaders and leadership teams through the tasks of improvement, and, as such, are provided with monthly training and given guidance on the work of and research behind improving academic outcomes for all students. However, the IBC project does not prescribe to a standardized, one-size-fits-all approach to school improvement. Capacity Builders are provided with a tool kit of school improvement resources, and, in partnership with school and district leaders, help create and implement a customized school improvement plan.

IBC Application Process

Applications are continually accepted and are completed by interested district superintendents, together with eligible school principals. If selected, Capacity Builders are intentionally matched with participating schools and districts in such a way as to promote the best fit of expertise and need.

Applications for Cohort VI of the IBC project are due no later than 5:00pm on October 15, 2012. Schools and districts will be selected and matched with a Capacity Builder in early December, and Cohort VI services will begin in January, 2013.

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