Principals Academy of Leadership

Network of Innovative School Leaders (NISL)

It is one of life's great ironies: schools are in the business of teaching and learning, yet they are terrible at learning from one another. If they ever discover how to do this, their future is assured. - Michael Fullan

Leadership is not a solo act; we need each other to share knowledge, skills and talent to effectively lead and improve our schools. Time spent collaborating with other Idaho school leaders will serve to enhance your leadership skills which will contribute to the success of every student. “Collaboration is a social imperative. Without it people can’t get extraordinary things done in organizations. (Kouzes @ Posner, 2003, p.22)

"Leading and Learning"

The Network of Innovative School Leaders (NISL) is a project developed by the Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) Statewide System of Support Team to support the work of building level administration in improving outcomes for all students by focusing on the quality of instruction. NISL is a professional learning community that will focus on increasing the effectiveness of the Instructional Core. Principals will participate in various learning and networking opportunities related to leading through results-oriented change.

Video 2013-01-14 10.12 NISL 2012-2013 Webinar #3