Petitioning for New School Status Under The Idaho Accountability System

A "New School" is one that, in the process of having already restructured according to NCLB requirements, has become significantly different and has demonstrated substantial academic improvement. In other words, the way it does business now is highly distinguishable from the way it looked when first entering into AYP needs improvement status. Districts may petition the State Board of Education for New School status on behalf of such schools, and the committee appointed by the State Board will evaluate the school holistically to make a determination. Schools that petition the State Board for New School status must be in Year 4 or beyond of Needs Improvement Status.


Update (January 9, 2012): The Department of Education will not be conducting the New School Status petition review in 2012 because of pending changes to the accountability system that are part of Idaho's ESEA Flexibility Waiver Request.

New School Webinar - February 14th Link
PDF Icon New School Status Presentation 2-14-2011
PDF Icon Assurance Page - New School Status Petition (2011)
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PDF Icon Portfolio Organization Outline
PDF Icon 2011 Quality Indicators for Identifying a New School
PDF Icon AYP Timeline Chart-Formatted 7-2010
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