School Finance Data and Stats

Idaho Test Scores

Idaho students take a variety of state and national tests that are used to monitor academic achievement. The Assessment and Accountability link provides access to all test scores, progress reports, and other accountability information for Idaho's schools and districts.

Idaho Enrollment and Staffing Information

The State Department of Education collects and publishes several statistical reports on enrollment, staffing, finances, taxes, and other information. The Enrollment, Staffing and Finance Data link provides access to the most current reports.

Test Reports Statistics

Idaho's comprehensive assessment system begins with kindergarten and continues through high school. The focus of the state assessment program is primarily on math, reading, and language usage skills. Below are reports on student performance for each of the state and federally required tests, other assessments, and voluntary college entrance exams.

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Financial Summaries for Idaho School Districts 2000-2013

Main Financial Summary Section

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Click below for comparative financial and statistical data for all 50 states. (This link will take you to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) "Build a Table" tool which allows you to create tables of comparative information.)

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