Superintendent's Meeting

2012 New Superintendent's Meeting Presentations and Handouts

The following are the presentations and handouts used during the 2012 New Superintendents’ Meeting for all new superintendents and new public charter school administrators.

Students Come First Overview [ Powerpoint Icon PPT ]
Matt McCarter, Students Come First Director

Higher Academic Standards and Next Generation Assessments
Scott Cook, Director of Content

  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards [ Powerpoint Icon PPT ]
  • English Language Arts Standards Example [ PDF Icon PDF ]

21st Century Tools for Classroom Teachers [ Powerpoint Icon PPT ]
Joyce Popp, Director of IT Resources

Improving Learning through Instructional Technology [ Powerpoint Icon PPT ]
Alex Macdonald, Director of Instructional Technology

Teacher Certification [ Powerpoint Icon PPT ]
Christina Linder, Director of Certification & Professional Standards

Evaluations for Highly Effective Teachers & Leaders [ Powerpoint Icon PPT ]
Becky Martin, Teacher Quality Coordinator

Employee Contracts and Labor Relations [ Powerpoint Icon PPT ]
Jason Hancock, Deputy Chief of Staff

Rewarding Excellence in the Classroom [ Powerpoint Icon PPT ]
Jason Hancock, Deputy Chief of Staff

Division of Professional-Technical Education Overview (TBD)
Todd Schwarz, State Administrator of PTE

Overview of Public School Finance:

Overview of Federal Programs

Presenation of Overview [ PDF Icon PDF ]
Nick Smith, Deputy Superintendent of Federal Programs