Certificate/Credential for Out-of-State Candidates

Application Guidelines

This application packet is intended for those individuals who have a current, valid certificate/credential/license in another state OR for those who have completed an NCATE-approved teacher preparation program within the last two years, but not currently certificated.



01. Issuance of Interim Certificate. The State Department of Education is authorized to issue a three-year (3) interim certificate to those applicants who hold a valid certificate/license from another state or other entity that participates in the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Interstate Agreement. An interim certificate is nonrenewable except under extenuating circumstances. (4-2-08)

Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course. For all Idaho teachers working on interim certificates, alternate routes or coming from out of the state, completion of a state approved reading instruction course shall be a one-time requirement for full certification. (4-7-11)

Technology. Out-of-state applicants will be reviewed by the hiring district for technology deficiencies and may be required to take technology courses to improve their technology skills. (4-7-11)

02. Reinstatement of Expired Certificate. An individual holding an expired Idaho certificate may be issued a nonrenewable three-year interim certificate. During the validity period of the interim certificate, the applicant must meet all current requirements listed for the specific certificate and endorsement(s) including the appropriate content, pedagogy, and performance assessments. (3-29-12)

03. Foreign Institutions. An educator having graduated from a foreign institution that is listed in the Accredited Degree-Granting Institutions section of the "Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education" and having a valid/current teaching certificate/license from the country or province in which the foreign institution is located, may be issued a non-renewable, three-year interim certificate. The applicant must also complete the requirements listed in Section 013 of these rules. (4-2-08)

NOTE: All educator preparation programs must be SBOE-approved in order for their graduates to be eligible for certification. Idaho participates in a partnership agreement with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). All preparation programs must meet NCATE Standards in order to be considered an SBOE-approved program. The NCATE standards and a list of NCATE approved programs are available at www.ncate.org

If the applicant holds a current, valid certificate/credential/license in another state and submits a complete application, the applicant may receive a three (3)-year Idaho interim certificate (upon clearance of the background investigation check). The interim certificate will allow the applicant to work in an Idaho school in the certificated/endorsed area indicated on the interim certificate while completing any Idaho coursework and/or testing requirements. Once all deficiencies noted on the interim certificate/credential are completed, the applicant may apply for a renewable, five (5)-year initial Idaho certificate/credential.

If the initial evaluation demonstrates that the applicant meets all Idaho coursework and testing requirements, then a renewable, five (5)-year certificate/credential will be issued instead of the interim certificate.

A complete packet must include the following items:

1) Completed and signed application (Form B1 - Application for an Idaho Certificate/Credential)

2) Completed fingerprint card (required if not already on file, if the applicant has had a break in service or if the applicant is changing districts). The processing fee must be included with the completed fingerprint card. Click here for processing fees. The Idaho certificate/credential will not be issued until the results of the background investigation check are received from the BCI/FBI. Another background check is not required if the candidate has a valid background check on file with the SDE and is still employed in the same school district without a break in service.

Fingerprint cards are not available on the State Department of Education website. If you are residing outside of Idaho, to obtain a fingerprint card and forms please email Amber Duke at fingerprintrequest@sde.idaho.gov with your mailing address. If you are residing in Idaho you can obtain the fingerprint card and forms from your employing school district office or they can be picked up from our office at 650 W. State Street, 2nd floor of the Len B. Jordan Building, Monday to Friday 8AM to 4:45 PM.

Once you receive the fingerprint packet, take it to your local police department or sheriff’s office and have your prints rolled on the card. Return the fingerprint packet and the fee with your Idaho teacher application packet. Click here for processing fees.

3) Application fee - $75
Checks and money orders are to be made payable to the State Department of Education. Credit cards are not accepted at this time. Payment is non-refundable. Cash in exact amount will be accepted for walk-ins.

$75 for the certificate/credential fee
For the background investigation check fee (if first-time applicant for an Idaho teaching credential) click here for processing fees.

One check or money order for both fees is acceptable.

4) Notarized photocopy of a current and valid out-of-state certificate/credential/license. It must have the validity time period posted on its face.

A notarized photocopy can be obtained by taking the original out-of-state certificate/credential/license to a notary public (available at most offices and banks). The notary public will make a copy of the document and notarize that it is a true copy of the original certificate/credential/license. If the notary refuses to sign the photocopy, write a statement indicating the photocopy is a true copy of the original certificate, sign and date the statement and request the notary to notarize your signature on the statement. Attach the statement to the photocopy and this will suffice as a notarized photocopy.

If your state does not issue hard copy certificates/credentials/licenses, include a copy printed from its website verifying your certification.

5) Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. Grade reports, faxed material, copies, placement files or other unofficial transcripts are not acceptable for certification. Official transcripts may be opened by the applicant as long as they are printed on the institution's original security paper and should be included in the application packet. Transcripts mailed directly to the Certification office will not be accepted.

6) Completed Institutional Recommendation form is required for out-of-state applicants who do not hold a current, valid certificate/credential/license in another state and who have completed an NCATE accredited educator preparation program within the last two years.

A completed Institutional Recommendation form is also required for any out-of-state applicant who holds a current, valid certificate/credential/license in another state, except for applicants for Standard Elementary or Standard Secondary Certificates who have at least 2 years certificated teaching experience. Verification of the 2 years of experience can be accepted for those applicants (B6 Form). Applicants for Standard Exceptional Child Certificates must include an Institutional Recommendation. Applicants for Administrator or Pupil Personnel Services Certificates (except for School Nurse) also are required to include an Institutional Recommendation form in their application.

Word Icon Form B2 for EC/ECSE, Elementary, Secondary, Exceptional Child or Pupil Personnel Services
Word Icon Form B3 for Pre-K-12 School Principals
Word Icon Form B4 for School Superintendents
Word Icon Form B5 for Directors of Special Education
Word Icon Form B8 for Consulting Teacher of Special Education
Word Icon Form B9 for Supervisor of Special Education

7) Official Praxis II assessment score sheet.
(www.ets.org/praxis for Idaho required tests)

The Praxis II requirement may be waived if the out-of-state candidate can provide verification of a baccalaureate degree in the specific content area (not applicable to Elementary), verification of a current National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certificate (not applicable to Elementary) OR provide a letter from the transferring state indicating highly qualified status (as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act) in the content area for which the person is seeking certification. National Board-certificated persons (not applicable to Elementary) and individuals who provide the transferring state letter demonstrating content competency in the area in which they are seeking certification may receive a clear five (5)-year initial certificate/credential.

The applicant may submit a completed HQT Verification Form in lieu of a letter from another state. Click this link to access the PDF Icon HQT Verification Form.

Interim certificates/credentials are issued for three (3) years, a cycle beginning September 1 of the year issued and expiring August 31 of the appropriate year, unless otherwise specified.

Initial certificates/credentials are issued for five (5) years, a cycle beginning September 1 of the year issued and expiring August 31 of the appropriate year, unless otherwise specified.

Mail completed application materials to:

State Department of Education
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, Idaho 83720-0027