Background Investigation Check


Please destroy all forms that refer to the $40 Background Investigation Check (fingerprinting) fee, e.g., Directions for Completing Fingerprint Cards. 

Fingerprint cards and fees in the wrong amount will be returned to the school district delaying the processing of the fingerprint card. 

Also, please destroy all old Background Investigation Check (fingerprinting) Forms printed on the old Administration’s letterhead and replace with the current Administration’s letterhead.

In order to meet Idaho Code 33-130, the fee to cover the cost to process a fingerprint card will change beginning July 1, 2015. This new fee will cover the costs charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Idaho State Police.

The fingerprint fee as of July 1, 2015 is as follows:

  • For regular employees - $34.75
  • For volunteers - $33.50

Checks received after July 1, 2015 in the amount of $40 will be returned to the school district.

All adults working in Idaho public schools (certificated and non-certificated), or applying for certification, are currently required to have the results of a background investigation check on file with the State Department of Education. This process includes:

  • Being fingerprinted on a State Department of Education fingerprint card
  • Submitting fingerprint card & fee (see notice above for fee change beginning July 1, 2015) to the Office of Certification. Click here for processing fees.
  • Check is conducted through: (1) Idaho Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI); (2) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) background investigation check; (3) Statewide Sex Offender Register.
  • Clearing the criminal background check (no felonies as noted in section 33-130, Idaho Code).
  • All incomplete fingerprint cards will be returned for completion.

The State Department of Education has approved a new payment process for the Background Records Office. This process, which was designed to assist the districts in meeting the five-day submission requirement, will allow a district to make advance deposits to cover fingerprinting to the Background Records Office. As fingerprints are received from the district, the processing fees will be subtracted from the balance of the prepaid account. Districts will be notified when the account is getting low on funds. For more information, please contact Shannon Haas at (208) 332-6888,; or Danielle Rumsey at (208) 332-6883,

Resource for Employers: View Background Investigation Check Results

Background Investigation Check
If you have questions regarding the Idaho Background Investigation Check process, please contact Shannon Haas: or telephone: (208) 332-6888.

Student Teachers in Idaho
PDF Icon Policy for Background Investigation Checks for Student Teachers
Forms & Resources
PDF Icon Background Investigation Check Policies and Procedures
PDF Icon Background Investigation Database Memorandum of Agreement
PDF Icon Directions for Completing Fingerprint Card
PDF Icon Instructions for Handling Fingerprint Cards and ISP Noncriminal Justice Applicant Privacy Statement
PDF Icon Noncriminal Justice Applicant Privacy Statement Form
Word Icon Procedure for Suspending and Unsuspending
PDF Icon Request Results Form

It is the State Department of Education's current policy not to send results to the applicant if the results are over three months old. To be consistent with policy, a three months separation from service or pending change in status requires a new background check. The results may be released to the individual employee with this completed and signed form if their fingerprint check is less than three months old.
PDF Icon Sex Offender Registry Release Form
PDF Icon Substitute Teacher/Multiple District Assignment Form for School Personnel
PDF Icon To Challenge Your Record