Initial Certificate/Credential for Idaho Graduates of an Idaho Teacher Preparation Program

Application Guidelines

This application packet is intended for those individuals who have completed a Teacher Preparation program at an Idaho college/university and are seeking their initial Idaho certificate/credential. CHECK WITH YOUR UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE PRIOR TO APPLICATION TO SEE IF YOU NEED TO APPLY DIRECTLY THROUGH THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION.

Note: If revising a current valid Idaho certificate/credential (to add an additional certificate and/or endorsement) access the following webpage: Revision of a Current Idaho Certificate/Credential. If you are renewing an Idaho certificate/credential access the following webpage: Renewal of an Idaho Certificate/Credential.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to have all required certification materials submitted together in one packet. An applicant who carefully prepares their application packet using the following guidelines will receive their certificate/credential in the least amount of time. An application will not be evaluated until all materials have been received.

A complete packet must include the following items:

1) Completed and signed application (Form B1 - Application for an Idaho Certificate/Credential)

2) Completed fingerprint card (if applicable)
Applications must include a completed fingerprint card and an associated fee. Click here for processing fees. The Idaho certificate/credential will not be issued until the results of the background investigation check are received from the BCI/FBI. Another background check is not required if the candidate has a valid background check on file with the SDE and is still employed in the same school district without a break in service.

Fingerprint cards are not available on the State Department of Education website. If you are residing outside of Idaho, to obtain a fingerprint card and forms please email Brenda Arnold at with your mailing address. If you are residing in Idaho you can obtain the fingerprint card and forms from your employing school district office or they can be picked up from our office at 650 W. State Street, 2nd floor of the Len B. Jordan Building, Monday to Friday 8AM to 4:45 PM.

Once you receive the fingerprint packet, take it to your local police department or sheriff’s office and have your prints rolled on the card. Return the fingerprint packet and fee with your Idaho teacher application packet. Click here for processing fees.

3) Application fee - $75
Checks and money orders are to be made payable to the State Department of Education. Credit cards are not accepted. Payment is non-refundable. Cash in exact amount will be accepted for walk-ins.

$75 for the certificate/credential fee
For the fingerprinting/background investigation check fee (if first-time applicant for an Idaho teaching credential) click here for processing fees.

One check or money order for both fees is acceptable.

4) Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. Grade reports, faxed material, copies or other unofficial transcripts are not acceptable for certification purposes. Transcripts should not be submitted separately. Placement files are not accepted.

5) Completed Institutional Recommendation form for educators and pupil personnel services applicants if the applicant has less than two years of experience as a certified professional, (Form B2 Institutional Recommendation). A completed Institutional Recommendation is required for Exceptional Child Certificates, regardless of the length of experience.

6) Official Praxis II assessment score sheet or notarized photocopy.

Upon completion of the above-noted items and verification that all requirements for certification are met, the applicant qualifies for a standard Idaho certificate/credential issued for five (5) years.

Initial certificates/credentials are issued for five (5) years, a cycle beginning September 1 of the year issued and expiring August 31 of the appropriate year, unless otherwise specified.

IMPORTANT: An initial Idaho certificate/credential can be renewed only if the applicant has completed six (6) semester credit hours (or nine quarter credit hours) in the last five (5) years.

Three (3) of the semester credit hours must appear on a transcript from an accredited college/university the remaining three can appear on a transcript OR can be district approved in-service credits. See Renewing an Idaho Certificate/Credential for additional information.

Mail completed application materials to:

State Department of Education
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, Idaho 83720-0027