Idaho Administrator Evaluation

Purpose and goals of the Administrator Evaluation Focus

The goal of the Administrator Evaluation Focus Group is to gather information and explore current research surrounding administrator evaluation. Recommendations will be made for a statewide research-based framework for an administrator evaluation system from which individual school districts/charters will implement a fair, objective, reliable, valid, and transparent evaluation process. This framework will be aligned to the Idaho Teacher Evaluation Framework and will include, among others, a structure for multiple measurements of effectiveness, improved student learning, clearly defined expectations, and flexibility of use in unique circumstances.

Focus Group's draft of an effective administrator:
A highly effective administrator is a visionary leader of learning with exceptional managerial, communication, and community relations skills who cultivates leadership among a team of staff to deliver effective instruction and engage in continuous improvement that ensures student success.

Vision & Goal of Focus Group

Roles and Responsibilities: make recommendations and disseminate information to constituent groups

  • Attend meetings until May 2012
  • Complete pre-reading assignments for meetings ahead of time
  • Participate in the formulation of recommendations for framework
    • Determine characteristics of effective administrators
    • Recommend implementation requirements and strategies
    • Focus on outreach; disseminating and gather information from constituent groups
Goal of Core Team

Roles and Responsibilities: Develop a framework and implementation requirements for evaluating administrator effectiveness

  • Review literature
  • Develop drafts
  • Address focus group recommendations
  • Finalize framework
Northwest Regional Comprehensive Center (NWRCC) Facilitators

Dave Weaver and Claire Gates are a valuable resource for the Administrator Evaluation Focus Group. They are facilitators from the Northwest Regional Comprehensive Center (NWRCC) which is part of “a nationwide network of 16 regional technical assistance centers established by the U.S. Department of Education. The Comprehensive Centers were created to deliver high-quality technical assistance, information, and resources to state education agencies (SEAs). The primary focus of the regional Comprehensive Centers is to provide assistance that increases each state's capacity to meet the state provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) (currently known as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 [NCLB]) and to assist districts and schools in implementing the NCLB goals and programs.

  • Dave Weaver, M.S.; Senior Research Associate, RMC Research Corporation
  • Claire Gates, Senior Program Advisor, Northwest Regional comprehensive Center (NWRCC)
Meeting Dates and Location
All meetings will begin at 8:30 AM and close at 4:00 PM.
December 15 LBJ building, SDE 2nd Floor, Barbara Morgan Room
January 20 LBJ building, SDE 2nd Floor, Barbara Morgan Room
February 21 LBJ building, SDE 2nd Floor, Barbara Morgan Room
March 19 JR Williams Building, 700 W. State St., East Conference Room (next door to SDE)
April 24 LBJ building, SDE 2nd Floor, Barbara Morgan Room
May 17 LBJ building, SDE 2nd Floor, Barbara Morgan Room
Minutes from Focus Group Meetings
PDF Icon December 15
PDF Icon January 20 | PDF Icon Minutes Handout Characteristics Of Effective Administrators
February 21
March 19
April 24
May 17
Executive Summary or Talking Points
PDF Icon Jan 20 Admin Eval Talking Points

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Administrator Evaluation Focus Group:
Name Title District/Agency
Wiley Dobbs Superintendent Twin Falls
Geoff Stands Principal Meridian
Shalene French Principal Idaho Falls
Alica Holthaus Principal Grangeville
Nancy Larsen Teacher Coeur d'Alene
Chuck Wegner Curriculum Director Pocatello
Marni Wattam Special Education Director Idaho Distance Education Academy (I-DEA)
Penni Cyr President Idaho Education Association
David Andersen School Board Oneida County
Mike Vuittonet School Board Chair Meridian
Kathy Canfield-Davis College of Education University of Idaho Moscow
Kathleen Budge College of Education Boise State University
Laurie Boeckel Parent Nampa
Anne Stafford Teacher Boise
Selena Grace Chief Academic Officer Office of the State Board of Education
Roger Brown Senior Special Assistant for Education & Government Office of the Governor
John Goedde State Senator, Education Committee Chair Senator Goedde
James Hammond State Senator Senator Hammond
Steve Bair State Senator Senator Bair
Claire Gates Senior Program Advisor Education Northwest
David Weaver Senior Research Associate RMC Research Corporation
Steve Underwood Director, Statewide System of Support SDE
Becky Martin Coordinator, Teacher Quality SDE
Rob Winslow Executive Director Idaho Association of School Administrators
Karen Echeverria Executive Director Idaho School Boards Association
Robin Nettinga Executive Director Idaho Education Association
Rachel Rychener Administrative Assistant SDE
Research documents used to make informed decisions:
PDF Icon 1 Research Evaluating School Principals TQ Center
PDF Icon 2 Research Brief 2012 - The School Principal as Leader Guiding Schools to Better Teaching and Learning
PDF Icon 3 Research Gateways to the Principalship Center for American Progress
PDF Icon 4 Research TQ Policy-to-Practice Brief Alternative Measures
PDF Icon 5 Research Cobb Keys AAS Performance Standards Rubric Nov 2010