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Idaho Assessments

Idaho's comprehensive assessment system begins with kindergarten and continues through high school. The focus of the state assessment program is primarily on math, reading, and language usage skills. Below are reports on student performance for each of the state and federally required tests, other assessments, and voluntary college entrance exams.

Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI)

This is a 10-minute assessment of early reading skills. All students in kindergarten, first grade, second, and third grade are tested in the fall and spring. The most recent results are from Spring 2010 and show:

  • 80% of kindergartners at grade level
  • 73% of first graders at grade level
  • 73% of second graders at grade level
  • 74% of third graders at grade level

For more information about the IRI & Reading Instruction at the Idaho Reading Indicator Homepage

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Idaho English Language Assessment (IELA)

The Idaho Language Proficiency Assessment (IELA) is a federally mandated assessment for all students served in a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) program. The IELA is administered annually every spring and calculates growth and proficiency in the English language for each student assessed. To learn more about IELA, please visit IELA.

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National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

NAEP tests a sample of Idaho students in grades 4, 8, and 12 every year, in different subjects each year. NAEP assesses other subjects periodically. NAEP is the only test that provides consistent data that can be compared across all states. NAEP Click Here.

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Idaho's college-bound high school students voluntarily pay to take either or both of these college entrance exams. Starting with the Class of 2013, students will be required to take either the SAT, ACT or COMPASS exam in order to graduate from high school. More Idaho students take the ACT, as it is a requirement for in-state universities and colleges. Many students considering out-of-state colleges also take the SAT. The state only receives statewide score reports. For individual school district data please contact your local school district.

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Idaho's ESEA Waiver

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Report Cards

Federal law requires states, school districts, and schools to produce annual report cards detailing accountability and assessment information and progress toward annual goals. This site includes report cards for the state and districts as well as assessment and accountability information for each school in the state. The site also includes blank templates for schools to use in producing their report cards. Complete state and district school report cards:

Visit Report Cards

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