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Following guidance from the U.S. Department of Education, Idaho has developed a multi-year plan to improve educational results for students with disabilities. The plan is titled “The State Systemic Improvement Plan” (SSIP). Idaho submitted phase 3 of the plan in March 2017 and had begun work on phase 4 which will include training and coaching to improve instructional practices. The Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) Special Education Department continue to coordinate with other divisions and organizations to align initiatives and intensify the message among all stakeholders that students with disabilities need focused, targeted support.

The SSIP, through stakeholder input and data analysis, focuses on improving reading outcomes of students with disabilities, specifically in grades K-4. The plan’s State Team has been working in close partnerships with identified districts across the state. These districts agreed to be the first cohort in this plan. The second cohort of the district will begin their “readiness” year in the Fall of 2017. Each cohort will participate in the multi-year professional development, analysis of district data, identification of district needs, and ongoing support and technical assistance to help districts implement and support effective strategies for students with disabilities.

SSIP State Team

The SSIP State Team will continue to work diligently to:

  1. Build relationships with all interested stakeholders and utilize relevant input to meet state and district need.
  2. Design and deliver professional development and technical assistance that will address the needs of districts.
  3. Use a continuous improvement cycle to ensure activities within the plan are making a positive impact on the outcomes of students with disabilities.

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Training Resources

For additional training, please view the Idaho Training Clearinghouse.