High School Graduation Requirements

The 2007 Legislature approved an increase of high school graduation requirements that first impacted Idaho students who entered the ninth grade in the fall of 2009 (graduating class of 2013).

The Idaho State Board of Education worked extensively to create the new requirements to ensure all Idaho students are prepared to live, work, and succeed in the 21st century. Before creating the new requirements, the Board held a series of public meetings and gathered input from all educational stakeholders across the state including parents, teachers, administrators, legislators, and business and county leaders.

The rule requires that all students:

  • Take three (3) years of math, one of which must be the last year of high school
  • Take three (3) years of science
  • Complete a senior project
  • Take the ACT or SAT exam by the end of 11th grade

The rule also requires school districts to offer students at least one advanced opportunity, such as concurrent credit, Advanced Placement, or tech prep courses.

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