High School Graduation Requirements

The Idaho State Board of Education has set standards for Idaho students graduating from an Idaho public school. The local school district may establish graduation requirement beyond the state minimum. For the most accurate information please consult your school.

State requirements include that all students:

  • Take a minimum of 46 high school credits, which include 29 credits in core subjects
  • Take three (3) years of math, one of which must be the last year of high school
  • Take three (3) years of science
  • Complete a senior project
  • Complete a Government and Civics Proficiency
  • Take the ACT or SAT exam by the end of 11th grade

The rule also requires school districts to offer students at least one advanced opportunity, such as concurrent credit, Advanced Placement, or tech prep courses.

Students may be able participate in a flexible school schedule, graduate early or receive credit for extended learning opportunities.

Learn about the STEM Diploma by viewing Idaho Statute § 33-532 and its benefits from the STEM Action Center.

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