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The Idaho Standards for Learning Challenge had two primary goals:

  1. To increase awareness and understanding of the Idaho Content Standards for Learning in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics
  2. To solicit actionable feedback on the standards as part of the Idaho State Department of Education’s regular review process of academic standards that have been implemented

House Bill 314 passed by the Idaho Legislature in the 2015 session mandating this review states that “The state department of education shall begin to review the Idaho's standards for learning of math and English language arts (ELA) in 2015. Idaho's content standards of learning are intended to reinforce our commitment to maintaining a college and career ready standard.”  

All stakeholders in Idaho were given the opportunity to voice their approval, or disapproval, of all standards and provide actionable comments from August 12, 2015 to December 15, 2015 via an online platform. Many avenues were utilized to elicit the maximum number of reviews statewide including radio and TV ads reaching across Idaho. Once the challenge ended, all comments provided about specific standards were evaluated by a team of Idaho educators and stakeholders. This team was composed of stakeholders including K-12 teachers, administrators, higher education institutions, the PTA, parents, and business and industry. The committee was selected from applications that were available statewide on the Idaho Challenge home page by a team of stakeholders and SDE personnel. The criteria for selection of members was based on expertise, grade span experience, and regional and stakeholder representation.

The team reviewed all actionable comments in face to face meetings on December 16 and 17, 2015. Subsequently, the committee recommended 21 revisions or additions to the English Language Arts/Literacy standards and two revisions to the Mathematics standards.  These proposed changes can be found below. These revisions will now be taken to the Idaho State Board of Education for approval before moving to the Idaho Legislature for final approval. The revisions were approved by the 2017 legislature.

Total Number of Math standards 475  
Total Number of English language arts/Literacy standards 971  
Overall comments on standards for ELA/Literacy and Math received 7494  
Number and percentage agreeing 6387 85%*
Number and percentage disagreeing 1107 15%
Number of comments on ELA/Literacy 5152  
Number and % of comments agreeing 4277 83%
Number and % of comments disagreeing 875 17%
Number of comments on Mathematics 2342  
Number and % of comments agreeing 2110 90%
Number and % of comments disagreeing 232 10%
Number of written comments ELA/Literacy 171  
Number of written comments Mathematics 110  
Number of committee recommended changes in ELA/Literacy 21  
Number of committee recommended changes in mathematics 2  

*One individual disagreed with 748 standards across each content area, agreeing with zero and providing zero written comments. Removing this one user’s data from the calculation would result in an overall approval rating across both content areas of 94%.