Tim Hill
Associate Deputy Superintendent
(208) 332-6843

Calculate Public School Appropriation Foundation and Special Distribution Payments; Assist Superintendent with Annual Public School Budget Request

Julie Oberle
Finance Coordinator
(208) 332-6846

Annual Financial Reports; Audit Reports; IFARMS; Public School Calendars; School Building Maintenance Reporting; Strategic Planning Funds; Tuition Rates; Charter School Facility Distributions

Kathy Vincen
Finance Coordinator
(208) 332-6841

ISEE Staffing Data; School Statistic Reporting

Brandon Phillips
Finance Specialist
(208) 332-6875

School District and Charter School Budgets; School District Levies; School Building and District Numbering

Carol Piranfar
Financial Specialist
(208) 332-6844

Attendance Data Collection; Emergency School Closure Reports; ISEE Enrollment Data Collection; Separate School Status

Pam Brewer
Financial Specialist
(208) 332-6983

Attendance Data Collection; Emergency School Closure Reports; ISEE Enrollment Reporting; ISEE Staffing Data

LaRae Ashby
Program Information Coordinator
(208) 332-6845

Data Acquisition Calendar; ISEE Staffing Data; Public School Salary Schedules

Diane Winn
Program Information Coordinator
(208) 332-6840

Annual Financial Reports; Emergency School Closure Reports; Public School Calendars; Prepare Payments to School Districts and Charter Schools