School Choice

School Choice allows parents and families the freedom to choose the method of education that will work best for their children. It allows for meaningful decisions regarding how and where their children will receive their education, whether in the public system or not. It is based on the idea that all children do not learn the same way and may have different needs, interests, or strengths to develop.


Methods of Education:

  • Charter schools provide parents with the option of sending their children to a school other than their neighborhood school. They use innovative methods or a specific focus to provide a quality education.
  • Alternative schools provide special courses and services for at-risk youth.
  • Magnet schools are public schools that emphasize a particular instructional model or subject area such as science, arts, and technology.
  • Home school is the education of a child conducted by the parent or/guardian.
  • Private schools are non-profit or for profit schools that are not authorized or regulated by local school districts or the State Department of Education.