Student Engagement / Career & Technical Readiness

The Student Engagement/Career & Technical Readiness department includes programs and services that are designed to create optimal learning conditions so students will be ready for college and their careers. We address barriers to postsecondary education, toxic school climates, suicide, dropout, and delinquency during and after school hours. These issues are significant obstacles to student success.

The goals for this team include:

  • Providing Advanced Opportunities for Idaho students
  • Increasing student participation in social, recreational, and academic enrichment activities
  • Promoting supportive and healthy learning environments
  • Embedding high levels of family and community involvement in school activities
  • Expanding opportunities for low-income and minority students to build skills and plan for postsecondary education
  • Creating the norm that all students consider postsecondary education as a viable option
  • Enacting student-centered and data-driven decision making
  • Integrating measures that create healthy school/community partnerships