The Coordinator Planning page provides PSAT/SAT School Day administration, communication, and training materials for PSAT/SAT Coordinators and Educators.

For technical assistance, please email the College Board Helpdesk or call (866) 253-0385.

If a student whose parent/guardian has waived EL services is requesting EL supports on SAT, the school must obtain a parental consent form to share student information with the College Board. The school should maintain the form with the student’s records. The form does not need to be submitted to the College Board or the State Department of Education.

Students must have an EDUID (state student unique identifier) and be enrolled in a local public school as of the test date to participate in a state-sponsored college entrance exam. Every eligible child receives one state-paid testing opportunity.

A student must take the SAT or ACT before the end of the student’s eleventh grade year. For more information and various exemptions, please refer to Idaho Administrative Code (IDAPA)

The college entrance exam grad requirement has been waived for those “seniors [last spring] who would have taken the SAT during the 2020 spring administration. Did your students have enough credits to be considered seniors last spring?

The following students are exempt from the college entrance exam graduation requirement per the Idaho administrative rule:

  • Students meeting the alternate assessment eligibility criteria;
  • Students enrolled in a LEP program for 3 academic years or less; or
  • Students transferred from out of state to an Idaho high school in grade 12

The following students can be exempt from the FALL testing. This is NOT an exemption from the college entrance exam graduation requirement. Unless such requirement is waived by the board, the students are expected to participate in the state-paid spring SAT:

  • Students transferring in after the registration;
  • Students being homeschooled (i.e. no intention to graduate from a public HS);
  • Students refusing to participate due to health concerns; or
  • Students quarantined due to COVID-19

School and LEA should consult with the local school board and health department in case of school closure. If it is determined unsafe to administer a test, notify the College Board Helpdesk or call at (866) 253-0385 as soon as possible.

School should follow local health and safety guidelines and communicate all requirements to students ahead of test day. If a school is requiring students to bring and wear a mask in school, the school should follow the same guidance on the SAT/PSAT school day. Please call (855) 373-6287 (SAT) or (888) 477-7728 (PSAT) for specific questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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